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New land... our own farmland.
It all starts here.

Stroh We expanded our cropland in December 2014. The conversion from conventional to organic cultivation on the Prussian farm in Klempau began together with the support of Mr Christoph Möller, owner of the Stadtgut Krummesse estate, Kornbrennerei Krummesse corn distillery and organic farmer at the Brömbsenmühle mill in Krummesse.

The first step was made in December 2014, when the cultivated area was ploughed over. In March 2015, lupins were sown for green manure.

The time required to meet the specifications for organic cultivation was two years, with both 2016 and 2017 being conversion years.

This meant that the harvest in each of these years could be fed to animals, though organic status was not yet possible for human consumption.

For us, who grow natural straw to make drinking straws, this meant a three-year preparation period.

June 2018 - three years later!

StrohOur cropland became certified organic and our cultivated rye grew in Klempau - far away from all road traffic and exhaust fumes - in peace and quiet, ready for the 2018 harvest. We hoped for a good harvest on our first, very own cropland so that we could continue to supply our customers with quality straws made in Germany.

Our warehouse in Klempau is directly nearby our farm. From here we ship our organic drinking straws, made of natural straw, to the rest of the world.

Harvest in July 2018

Harvest preparations at our Klempau farm Stroh Stroh

In the field: harvesting and tying the sheaves of strawStroh Stroh Stroh Stroh

Harvest complete! Many thanks to a great team - they were simply the best!Stroh